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Allied Media Projects cultivates media strategies for a more just and creative world. From the unique intersection of media and communications, art, technology, education and social justice, we share and develop models for transforming ourselves and our communities. Since 1999, we have hosted the national Allied Media Conference, which now brings together more than 2000 artists, organizers, makers and doers in Detroit each year. In 2011, we launched Detroit Future to promote broadband adoption and build a local media-based economy.
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On Saturday Dec. 1, 2012 the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition (DDJC) and Detroit Future programs will celebrate two years of building a digital justice movement in Detroit. The Detroit Future celebration will mark the close of our Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant and will include a community report-back on how these federal funds were spent to benefit Detroit. (via Learn how we used $1.8 million in stimulus funds to seed a digital justice movement in Detroit | Allied Media Projects)

Prometheus Radio Project has supported the Allied Media Conference since way back in the Bowling Green, OH days. They’ve contributed to the AMC as participants, sponsors, and coordinators, and have organized our community to win the Local Community Radio Act and are supporting the development of grassroots radio stations across the country. Prometheus is launching a Reclaim The Airwaves Tour and we are pleased to help spread the word. Here’s the details on how to get involved. (via Prometheus Radio Project launches tour to spread community radio across the U.S. | Allied Media Projects)

Allied Media Projects recently completed its first ever Detroit Future Media (DFM) Apprenticeship Program, partnering eight digital media artists with local businesses and community organizations for a Summer-long knowledge exchange. The program provided a critical link between the classroom experiences of Detroit Future Media workshops and real-world application in Detroit’s emerging media economy. (via AMP Wraps Up First DFM Apprenticeship Program | Allied Media Projects)

Check out this profile on Adriel Thornton, AMP’s Operations and Outreach Manager. “Talk with Thornton long enough and the mystery begins to unravel — he is, among other things, a passionate lover and booster of electronic music, a strong proponent of universal rights and an active community advocate through his work at Allied Media Projects.” (via Adriel Thornton)

Communication is a fundamental human right. The Digital Stewards Program is an effort to actualize that right at the neighborhood-level in Detroit. This 10-week training, already underway, prepares teams of community organizers, people with construction skills and techies to design and deploy communications infrastructure with a commitment to the Detroit Digital Justice Principles. (via AMP partners with the Open Technology Institute to launch Digital Stewards Program | Allied Media Projects)

In Digital Dead End, poor and working people share their insights about the real world of information technology, and offer strategies for addressing the injustices of the high-tech economy together. (via TODAY: “Digital Dead End: Fighting for Social Justice in the Information Age” book event | Allied Media Projects)

Tonight, October 16, during the presidential debate, Allied Media Projects is joining a “TwitChat” to discuss presidential priorities and the impact on media, technology, culture, and local communities. (via TONIGHT: #debate2012 #mediajustice “TwitChat” | Allied Media Projects)

It is time to submit proposals for Tracks, Practice Spaces and Network Gatherings for the 15th annual Allied Media Conference, June 20-23, 2013 in Detroit. This is your opportunity to shape the major content areas of the AMC and make sure that this year’s conference is awesome. (via Let AMC2013 season begin! Propose a Track, Network Gathering, or Practice Space | Allied Media Projects)

We received 247 responses to our post-AMC2012 reflection survey. That is a more than 10% response rate from the nearly 2,000 people who gathered at the AMC. Read on for a report on the results! (via AMC2012 Reflection Survey Summary | Allied Media Projects)

Organizers in New Orleans coordinated to bring a delegation of a dozen representatives from a diverse spectrum of organizations to AMC2012. These included Neighborhood Partnerships Network, 2-Cent TV, New Orleans Youth BreakOUT!, and Kids ReThink New Orleans Schools. This was one of the most exciting delegations of the AMC, connecting New Orleans and Detroit, two cities with much in common and much to learn from one another. (via AMC2012 Reflections: New Orleans Delegation | Allied Media Projects)